Who "Royal Beautee" ?

Liz aka “Royal Beautee” is a Sierra Leonian DMV beauty, lifestyle, mommy content creator and motivational speaker. Her story is unique in that she did things a little unorthodox from the average african child. Although it was not planned, she became a mother at the age of 19. This resulted in chaos on the home front as her parents and the rest of the african community were disappointed. Choosing to keep her child she moved out of her parents home, went through trial and tribulations but raised two beautiful children with the love her life and now husband. Her unique journey and all the ups and downs that have never been told, helped shape the life she lives to this day. Elizabeth still says she has no regrets and is very proud of her life and how far she has come.

Liz is now the CEO of Royal Beautee LLC, an acknowledged DMV youtuber, and is sought out by many companies to collaborate, review products, speak at events, and has been published in magazines like Cosmobiz. She is a firm believer of a healthy balance in motherhood, marriage, business and self love/care! Her standing goal is to inspire and motivate other queens everywhere through her own story and the many crowns she wears herself. 


Welcome to the Realm! :)